Here is the September schedule: 6pm START, warm up 5:30pm.

9/14 @ Booker High Track (off of Orange Ave)
9/21 @ Payne Park
9/28 @ Booker High Track
Oct. – we working on it.

Wo for 9/14 @ Booker High Track

2-3 x 600m, 400m, 300m, 200m; take 300m rest b/n each interval. Take 2 min. jog b/n sets.

The workout asks for “FAST” running, but I tend to be more conservative – especially if you haven’t been racing. Start out at 5k pace and speed up. Try to do the last set at “mile’ pace. 

If the field is free – finish with 6-8 x diagonals. Try running barefoot! If field isn’t free, then finish with 2 laps of stride straightaway, recover on curve.

(Bruce suggested this wo so take it out on him if you don’t like, or give him a nice smile for a solid wo. 🙂