TMT turns to TNT (Tuesday NIGHT Track) this Tuesday. We usually wait til October but we’re going to try it out this month  –  6pm start time. Come a bit early to warm up so you’re ready to go at 6pm.

Brookside Middle School Track – off of Shade Ave. 

I’ll look into getting on Booker or Riverview in a few weeks. (those are soft surface tracks).



How about some 400’s?

4x 400m @ Threshold pace; 100m recovery

4 x 400m @ 5k pace; 200m recovery

4 x 400m @ faster than 5k pace; 300-400m recovery jog.

(NOTE – if you’re not racing or not ready to do faster than 5k pace, then you may want to try – 6 x 400m @ Threshold pace; 100m recovery, 6x 400 @ 5k pace; 200m recovery).

Mix it up how you feel. But finish with the faster pace, with this workout and this recovery.