Manasota Track Club Racing Series

You must OPT IN to be eligible to earn points for the 2021 racing season. You can sign up anytime of the year. Once enrolled, you will start earning points. If you don’t sign up then you do not get any points.

I love the racing series. Feels like you’re part of a running group that has the same things in common with you.

Pamela Pedrero

Rules and Regulations

  • MTC members can sign up any time of the year. Once enrolled, you will start earning points. Points are not retroactive.
  • Anyone who participates in this racing series will be placed in their respective age group based on their actual age on January 1, of that year.  Whatever your age is on January 1 is your Racing Series age group for the ENTIRE racing year. This rule only applies to the scoring of the racing series. It does not affect any age group awards that are handed out on race day.
  • You can enter as many of the events as you want, all accumulated points will be counted.
  • If the overall winner is over 40, then the fastest male/female runner under 40 will receive 8 points instead of 6.
  • The 10 overall winners of the series will receive free renewal of their existing MTC membership for the next year.
  • Only MTC club members in good standing will be awarded points.
  • If there is a tie in the final standings, then so be it. There will be no tiebreaker applied.
  • Current Racing Series point totals will be posted on the MTC website. It is the responsibility of each club member to check their points and report any discrepancies.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual MTC Awards Banquet in January.

Racing Series includes 5-year age groups starting with the 0-19 yr. old’s.  Master, Grandmaster, Senior Grandmaster and Veteran Grand Master will be pulled from the age groups and awarded separately.  The youth category is not eligible to take overall

Racing Series Points will be awarded as follows:

10 pts Overall male and female

8 pts Master male and female (age +40)

8 pts Grand Master male and female (age +50)

8 pts Senior Master male and female (age +60)

8 pts Veteran Master male and female (age +70)

6 pts 1st place in age group

4 pts 2nd place in age group

3 pts 3rd place in age group

2 pts completing the race

New Balance Sarasota will be the sponsor for our Racing Series.

MTC/New Balance Racing Series for 2022:

The 2022 Racing Series races are:

RACE #1: Andrew Monroe Memorial 5K                  January 9, 2022
RACE #2: Raiders Rise & Run 5K                           March 12, 2022
RACE #3: Run for the Turtles                                 April 2, 2022
RACE #4: SUP & RUN 5K                                        April 30, 2022

FALL Series (TBD)


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