Track Workouts

Looking for a workout that’ll help you hit a new PR? Try adding the workouts below into your training plan and get ready to be amazed at how much faster you become.

March 8, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout:   12 x 400m4 @ Threshold pace;  1 min. recovery4 @ 5k pace; 2 min. recovery4 @ Interval pace (about 4 sec. faster than 5k pace per 400m); 2:30/3 min. recovery Another option can be: 6 x 400 @ 5k pace6 @ Interval pacesame recovery as above

March 1, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout: 1 x1000m @ Threshold pace; 1:30 min. recovery (this pace is 20 sec. slower than 5k pace)1 x800m @ 5k pace; 2 min. jog/walk recovery2 x 400m @ faster than 5k pace; 2 min. jog /walk recoveryX 2 Then Run 1 lap around the track (steady state). Dessert:Finish with...

February 22, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout: 10x 500's @ 5k pace; 100m jog across the end zone back to the start.(short recovery). This workout is like running a 5k, so keep that in mind with your training week. (or if you're racing on weekend).  

February 8, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout: 4 x 1200m @ 5k pace; 1/2 the time for recovery.  (this is a Marker workout) for this distance race. Aerobic workout too.I'm going to suggest - if you are running with a few others, to take turns leading a lap - just so you learn your pace. If no one on the...

January 25, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout: We've done this before, it's an advanced wo. I can modify it for newer or less mileage runners: 800m @ 5k pace400m recovery300m @ (supposed to be mile pace, but make it hard effort pace if don't know your mile pace)200m Steady State run (almost like threshold...

January 18, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout: 1 mile @ Threshold pace; 1 min. recovery4 x 400m @ 5k pace; 200m recovery8 x 200m @ faster than 5k pace; 200m recovery (3 mile workout) Dessert? 1 x 800m - 400m @ 5k pace- 400m with whatever is left in the tank.      

January 11, 2022: TNT Workout

Likely we'll be at Payne Park this Tuesday eve. I'll know for sure Monday or Tuesday (when school resumes.)  I'll send out an email as late as Tuesday afternoon if the location changes. 5:30 warm up, a little before 6pm start. Workout: 2 x 800m @ 10k pace; 1 min....

January 4, 2022: TNT Workout

Workout:   12 x 400m @ 5k pace; jog across the field to the start for recovery.   Simple but demanding workout. This is a good workout for 5k folks. Finish with 1 lap, reverse direction stride 100m/ jog 100m. Following week will be longer repeats/ mixing it...