Felicia Cox

Felicia Cox


  • Member since 2005
  • Has served as treasurer, board member, vice president, and president, as well as MTC banquet chair/co-chair
  • Awards include Female Runner of the Year (2007) and Tingle-Petz (2018)
  • Favorite distance: 10k, but also loves a 15 mile LSD
  • Quote: “I love MTC, my MTC family and the ability to serve in any capacity I can to advocate for and advance our sport.”
Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson

Vice President

  • Member since 2014
  • Joined in order to register for Bill’s Beer Run
  • She began running at the age of 48 after hearing someone talking about the Couch to 5k app on the radio.
  • Favorite distance: 10k, although she’s run 13 half marathons and many shorter distance races
  • Quote: “I love the camaraderie with my fellow runners, and I love how running pushes me to do things I never thought I could do.”
Julie Berling

Julie Berling


  • Member since 2015
  • Has served as treasurer
  • Received the 2019 Comeback Runner of the Year Award
  • Favorite distances: 15K and 10 mile
  • Fun fact: She started “jogging” at UF to stay in shape, but never looked at times until she joined MTC and the racing series.
Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher


  • Member since 2014
  • Has served as MTC board member
  • Favorite distance: 5k
  • Fun fact: She’s not currently running due to injury, but has been cycling. “Last November, I completed a 165 mile charity ride from Miami to Key West to help raise money for agencies that provide services for people with HIV.”

Board Members

Andy Kish

Andy Kish

Equipment Manager

Rob Loeffler

Rob Loeffler

Funding Coordinator

  • Member since 1998
  • Has served as funding coordinator and is in the process of securing a strip of road as an Adopt-a-Highway project for MTC
  •  Awards include age group winner in the Racing Series (achieving a perfect 10) and Tingle-Petz
  • Favorite distance: Flat, fast 5ks
  • Favorite MTC memory: “I don’t know which Bill’s Beer Run to choose, but they have all been so much fun! The spectacle, the camaraderie, the dancing, the music, the hot dogs. It’s a perfect recipe for an awesome time.”
Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy

Board Member

  • Member since 1975
  • Has served as equipment manager and been in charge of merchandise alongside her husband; also served as vice president
  • Won Female Runner of the Year (not sure which year though!)
  • Favorite distance: 15k, although she enjoys everything about running — speedwork, long distance, running competitively and for recreation
  • Fun fact: In 1981, while representing the Air Force team in Europe on the anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile, Mary achieved her personal best of 5:08 at a one mile invitational race on that same track.
Charlie Roediger

Charlie Roediger

Racing Series Coordinator

  • Member since 2010
  • Has served as racing series coordinator
  • Began running later in life, logging his first miles in 2008 after quitting smoking
  • Favorite distance: half marathon
  • Charlie is an Ironman Triathlete, but considers himself both a competitive racer and recreational runner.
Scott Ventura

Scott Ventura


  • Member since 2016
  • Has served as a vice president, board member, and committee chair
  • MTC Awards include: Bill McKenzie Unsung Hero Award (2018)
  • A lifelong runner, he ran cross-country and track on a scholarship at the University of Iowa.
  • Fun fact: Tom Flanagan was one of his high school cross country coaches and is the reason Scott got involved with MTC upon moving to Sarasota.
Ed Wolfe

Ed Wolfe

County Liaison

Cindi Wozniak

Cindi Wozniak

Past President

  • Member since 2006
  • Has served as board member, vice president, president, and membership chair
  • Awards include volunteer of the year and sole survivor (only person to do all 10 racing series runs)
  • She never thought she’d run more than three miles, but has learned to love long, slow runs, especially in new places
  • Fun fact: Cindi wasn’t a runner when she joined MTC, and only started running in 2010 when her youngest son was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching his dad and older brother run.
  • Quote: “Being a part of MTC has changed my life. I never thought I would ever give so completely of myself to an organization. I have met my dearest friends through the MTC. My experience as president, and on the board, has not only helped me become more confident, but it has taught me to appreciate everyone for who they are.”

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