Hi Runners!

This Tuesday we’re meeting up at Riverview Track. 5:30 warm up, 6pm (or a few min. before) start. I will reach out to facility person to see if we can get lights on (for free). But bring a flashlight or head lamp just incase.

 We’re at Payne Park the following Tuesday 11/30.

 Working on December’s schedule.

Because we’re on a track this Tuesday, let’s do this:

800m @ 5k pace

400m recovery

300m at fast pace (supposed to be your mile race pace)

200m FLOAT (this is not a recovery ‘jog’ – this is like a steady run or threshold pace).

Go right back to start your 800m.

2-3 x

Turkey Trots this Thursday at Benderson; at Lido (the 5k is on the beach FYI); MTC – pie run.

I want to thank you to those that pitched in for renting the track. We have $375. We are good thru May if we do 2 x  a month on the track, the other 2 x at Payne or elsewhere.

Thank you Thank you. I know it can be a tight time with money. So, we appreciate those that gave and if you didn’t, that’s ok too. You can help out in other ways.

We’ll figure it all out for next season.

Grateful for the tracks and to be healthy to run, right???  🙂

Be careful with this workout if Thursday’s race is real important to you. 2 sets are good. If the race is a training run then do 3 or 4.  🙂