This TNT is at Riverview High’s track. 5:30 pm warm up, a little before 6pm. 

Turnaround 200’s OR if the field is available- diagonal Recov to start. 

Turnaround 200’s, 24x- run 200m at 5k pace or (a few sec faster or slower- depending on race and training schedule). Recovery- jog 10m past finish line, 10 m back to finish line, 10 m past finish line- going other direction then jog back to start- 10m -total of 40m recovery. 3 miles of 200’s. 
OR If field is available- then run 24×200; at 5k pace or faster; recovery is jog across field- diagonally to the start. That is a longer recovery- make note. 

Bruce will decide. 👍
Warm up, cool down.

Next TNT at Payne. Last one in the eve. 
ALSO- BIG RUN June 2 at Fleet Feet!