We’re at Booker High Track this coming Tuesday. 5:30 warm up. 6pm start.

I’ll send out the March TNT schedule in a week.
We’ll be at Payne Park the first Tuesday in March though. 

Let’s do some 400’s.

12-16 x 400m ( 3-4 miles)

6 x 400m @ 5k pace; 200m recovery

6 x 400m @ Interval pace; 3-400m recovery. (Int. pace is 3-4 sec. faster than 5k pace)

(so if you’re running 6:40 pace for the 400’s which is 1:40 per 400m, then drop to 1:36 or 1:37 for the 400’s).

If you’re doing 4 more 400’s (making it 16,  then:

Mix it up- alternate paces or if feeling great run last 4 at Interval pace. same recovery as above. With this pace, make sure you take a good recovery. don’t skimp.

No dessert.  🙂