Warm up.

 800m @ 5k pace

400m recovery jog (run this reverse direction- outer lanes or on the grass)

300m @ mile pace (if you don’t know your mile pace, then run fast)

200m float – Float is close to your 10k pace.

Go right back to the top – 800, 400, 300,200.  Your only recovery here is the 400m.

2-3- 4 x 

Cool down.  RAIN or SHINE.

Suncoast Milers and others are hosting a Thanksgiving morning 5k run/race. Thanksgiving morning, 7:30am start, from the South Lido Pavillion.  (it’s the old Special Olympics 5k race course).  The course will be measured, it will be unofficial, we will have a handheld timer at the finish calling out times.  This is a fast course. There could be prizes, we’ll see. 🙂 No cost.  🙂  🙂  🙂   And we’ll give you age graded results. This is BIG for us oldies.