2 x 1k @ ? pace ; 2min. jog recovery – run 1 @ 1/2 marathon pace; 2nd a few seconds faster)

2 x 400m @ 5k pace or 1-2 seconds faster; 2min. jog recovery

2 x 1k @ ? pace; 2 min. jog recovery  (run 1 @ 10k pace; run the 2nd a few seconds faster- maybe 5k pace?)

For some runners, 1/2 marathon pace is = to 10k pace.  For other runners, 1/2 marathon pace is a few seconds slower than 10k. Fit the pace in to your schedule and the heat.

If I were to run this workout with you, I would:

1k @ 1/2 M pace.

1k @ a few seconds faster than 1/2 m pace.

400’s fairly fast.

1k @ 10k pace (7:20)

1k @ 5k pace maybe (to finish off – If I was feeling good).

This is a stamina workout, but not trying to tire you out. You choose your pace right now.