Last TNT (Tuesday NIGHT Track) til October. We go to MORNINGS starting in June. Partly b/c of the heat and also b/c of the MTC SK Beach Runs Tuesday eve’s starting at 6:30 or 7pm.

TMT (Tuesday Morning Track) locations TBD – I’ll send out an email this week.
This Tuesday is at Payne Park, 5:30pm warm up, a little before 6pm start.

1 x 1600m @ 5k pace or a few sec. slower; 200m recovery
1x 1200m @ same pace; 200m recovery
1 x 800m @ 5k pace; 200m recovery
2x 400m @ 5k pace or a few sec. faster; 200m recovery
2 x 200 @ faster than 5k pace; 200m recovery

The recoveries are short. If need longer on the 400 repeats, take 400m recovery.

NOTE: Bruce may change it up b/c of weather