Manu For Inclusion Foundation

Dear participant: 
Manu for Inclusion Foundation is a Boca Raton based non-profit organization.
Our Mission is to empower families who have children with any diagnosis or behavioral or atypical characteristic, to seek inclusion within their own communities through the power of art, wellness, love, personal development training, and support. 
Our vision
Manu for Inclusion was created based on the belief that every human being, regardless of physical or mental challenges, is a valuable asset to their family, community, nation, and world. 
Through personal development education, one-on-one emotional support, and practical experience sharing, we intend to provide a sense of empowerment for inclusion and independence on behalf of individuals with unique needs and those who love them.
Our vision is that every person is entitled to any opportunity available to the general population that aligns with their unique talents and abilities. We aim to shift the language and change the conversation that leads to love and inclusion every human being deserves.
The services we provide to parents: 
1. Provides a practical parent-based course of action 
2. Develop a YouTube channel and to add it to our website where the parent can access tips and tricks and tutorial videos to help in a tailored way the parent 
3. Monthly webinars about tools and experience
4. Grants for IEP (individual Education Program) advocate
5.  ABA consultant 
6. Certified Life Coach guidance  

For more info about us please visit our website or follow us in our social media