Tuesday Morning workout will be at Payne Park, 6:30AM. 


Anaerobic Threshold run.  This is when you run/train at a pace just below where acidosis builds up. To find your Threshold pace look up Jack Daniels pacing, or a simple way but not 100% accurate is to add 20-30 sec. to your 5k pace/mile OR take your Marathon pace and minus 20-30 sec. – approx.

Run this workout evenly, it should not feel super uncomfortable – only towards the end. You’re not speeding up during the workout – be consistent.

2-3 x 1600m @ Thres. pace.  NO BREAKS.


2-3 x 1600m @ Threshold pace; with Breaks –  45 sec. ONLY recovery jog inb/n each mile.

(these are called Cruise Intervals)

Dessert: 2-4 x 400m @ 5k pace; cross the field back to the start for recovery. (or 1:30-2min. recovery).