HI Runners!!!!
NO Riverview next week for us. Sorry.  We’ll meet up at Payne Park. Warm up around 5:30pm, Start workout a little before 6pm.

Bring water or an adult bev. if feel like it for after workout.

We’ve done this workout before but I’ve modified it abit. I’ll regret putting it out there but, it builds on our stamina.

 3x (1k @ 10k pace/ 1x 800m @ 5k pace2min. jog recovery or slow 200m jog recovery).
10k pace per mile is approx. 15 – 20 sec. slower than your 5k pace /mile. (for the average runner).  🙂

after 2 min. recovery from your last interval, finish with a fast 600m. whatever is left in the tank.

It’s hard to hit your pace times at Payne, with the cinder under our feet and the rolling hills. Go by effort if can’t hit your pace. Huffing and puffing but relaxed  for the 1k; really working hard for the 800m. 

Sarasota Military Academy is putting on a 5k end of March

The Claw 5miler or 10 miler is March 21

Python Pine View 5k is April 10th